Professional accounting tailored to customer needs

Ekonomikontoret provides services in accounting, such as bookkeeping, financial statements, tax returns and personal financial advice. Based on your needs, we create the best conditions for you and your business.

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Management accounting

At Ekonomikontoret will help you with your management accounting. From customer and supplier accounts to administration and payment monitoring. We simplify your everyday accounting.

End of year accounts

We are there for you when it is time for you to create the interim and annual financial statements. We offer you help with the annual report and also produce income and balance statements.


If you need help with your tax returns, tax declaration, or VAT accounting, you can come to Ekonomikontoret. We make sure that everything is correct and make it easy for you as our customer.


To take full control of your company’s financial position, we offer financial counselling and budget and liquidity planning. In addition, we also provide consolidation.


We offer financial statements and forecasts to increase control and overview. We handle regular reporting and performance monitoring so you can easily get a financial overview.

Register company

From business start-up we help you with everything from registration documents for advice on financing, insurance and taxes. We are here to simplify the process when you start your own business.

“We have been customers since 2006. Highly recommend!”

-Sorrentino Pizzeria