Temporarily stopped benefit tax for parking and gifts for employees


Two new proposals have been presented that aim to alleviate the financial consequences of the coronavirus. This includes tax exemption for free parking at the workplace and tax exemption for gifts of SEK 1,000 from the employer per employee.

Employees who have access to free parking at their workplace do not have to pay preferential tax for it. The new proposal applies retroactively from April and throughout the rest of the year and covers all occupational groups throughout the country.
The purpose is to reduce the spread of coronavirus by making it easier for workers who have to go to work to get to and from the workplace by car instead of public transport.

Tax exemptions shall also apply to gifts from the employer for up to a value of SEK 1,000 per employee. This should apply in addition to the tax-free gifts that already exist, such as Christmas gifts. The tax exemption for gifts is proposed to apply from June and for the rest of 2020.
The government will submit the two proposals in an additional amending budget.

• Read more about the proposals on the government’s website