From a one-man company to a large organisation

In 2004 Rana founded Ekonomikontoret with an eye to offering simple and customised bookkeeping and accounting services. Since then, Ekonomikontoret has grown to be a large organisation with a great group of people. Our story is told here.

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A professional accounting firm with languages skills

Ekonomikontoret is an accounting firm in Helsingborg with advanced language skills. In addition to Swedish and English, we also work in Arabic, Albanian, Polish, Bosnian, French and Vietnamese. Our founder Rana Ibrik started Ekonomikontoret in 2004 and right from the start we have had the customer in focus. Therefore it is important to us that we always deliver professionalism with security and that we ensure that the customer feels well treated and understood.

A CEO with great motivation

Rana’s drive has been a contributing factor in Ekonomikontoret’s success. Rana has always been energetic and likes to have many balls in the air. She previously served on the board of Marknadföreningen (the Market Association), an organisation that today has 900 members. Today Rana is chairman of the nomination committee for the Market Association Helsingborg. She also sits on the board and mentor groups ALMI. She has during her years of self-employment and entrepreneurship received awards for her enterprise and dedication. In 2010 she received an award for being “Pioneer of the Year”, appointed by ALMI IFS on the grounds that she had “with her own efforts built a company that is associated with a high level of expertise and huge responsibility.” Rana’s enterprise and decisiveness has helped Ekonomikontoret gain attention and, of course, success.

Ekonomikontoret grew by demand

Right from the start Ekonomikontoret expanded organically as a result of client needs. Rana had earlier worked as an employee in the accounting industry and there were many who were disappointed when she chose to stop. With the competence and language skills she already had, there were many customers who followed her wherever she chose to go. When her journey later resulted in Ekonomikontoret, it was natural for many to follow her there. The need for multilingual accounting firms appeared to have been an empty niche to fill and the office has grown to be an organisation of nine employees from just one.

“I highly recommend Ekonomikontoret for all small, medium and large companies. They are effective, accurate and affordable. A big thank you for the past years.”

-Lokal Städtjänst

What do we offer?

Ekonomikontoret offers everything from bookkeeping to group
consolidation. From little to large. We want to meet you
the customer at the level you need and offer you the accounting
services you need for your business.

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Who are our customers?

Today we have a broad customer base and work with everything
from craftsmen to kindergartens and assistance businesses. Our
customers operate in different industries, with different organisation
sizes and different turnovers. For us, new challenges are always
fun and we are always curious about new industries.